Light ¡E Scape / CHIU Chao-Tsai solo exhibition

Operating Hours : Tue.~Sat., 1:00pm~9:00pm


By telescoping the vast distant space and micro scoping the micro materials, we explore the extremes of the two spatial scales through the instruments. People tried to approach the unreachable side by enlarging the optical magnification, and cut the distance between our eyes and the object.

What will it become eventually when the light in the dark space slowly shifts with controlled mechanical precision? If staring at the operating mechanism is the opening process of approaching something, then this attempt to pass through time limit for a sight is always in vain; until the eye of the mechanic captured the space from time for us.

Therefore, through devices/ installation and image configuration, the light transformed from flowing aimlessly to a time-staggered fixed image. It leads viewers to experience the interchange between perception and consciousness.